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How to Keep Roasted Green Chile

Each year, from August to mid-October, it is chile harvest season in Colorado. This is the time when you can purchase freshly harvested chile from your local farmer, have it roasted on site and sent home with you steaming in a bag. In Colorado, we’re lucky enough to pick from 14 or more variety of chile to fit your temperature and create wonderfully spicy or not so spicy dishes.

We know you never want chile season to end which is why we want to share three ways to store roasted chile for the winter…

Bag & Freeze

The quickest way to store your chile for the season (and the way we do it ourselves) is to bag and freeze it. There is no, peeling or chopping involved. Grab quart-size freezer bags and insert the chile. Make sure to take out as much air as possible.

Chopped Bag & Freeze

Before you put it in the bag to freeze, do the prep work up front and peel, core and chop your chile. This way, it will be ready to use when defrosted.

Chopped & Pressure Can

This will be the method that takes the most time, but is a great way to prep chiles to share with family and friends. Plus, you won’t take up space in your freezer. Again, you’ll want to peel, core and chop your chiles up front. Then, put in your jar and pressure seal (read up on specific guidelines for doing this). The best part is, if you don’t use a full jar, you can store it in the fridge for later use.

A Few Tips..

After storing chile for quite a few years now, we’ve picked up a few tips to share.

  • Always use gloves. You hands will burn for hours on end if you handle the chile directly as your prep to freeze or store.
  • Freeze chile in amounts similar to what you think you’ll use for a meal or two. After you unfreeze a whole bag, it won’t keep for more than a couple of days.
  • Make sure you use freezer bags.
  • When canning, add in your spices to taste.

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