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Refrigerator pickles are an easy way to enjoy homemade dill pickles.

If you would like to try to make your own dill pickles, and don’t want to deal with the fuss of having to seal your jars, try refrigerator pickles. This is an incredibly easy way to enjoy the current pickling cucumber harvest, and not spend an entire day canning.

Refrigerator pickles are also a great way to try many different recipes in a short amount of time, to see which you like best if you chose to can enough for the winter. Beginners will find this to be a very easy way to enjoy fresh homemade dill or sweet pickles, and possibly see if they would like to try canning some fresh veggies for the winter months.

Alton Brown of the Food Network has a great tutorial for making a quick refrigerator pickle, but there are many recipes out there. And please experiment on your own, if you put in quality ingredients that you like, you can’t go wrong. Have fun trying some refrigerator pickles!



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