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The Story Behind the Chokecherry

If you stopped by the Market this week, you may have noted our stock of chokecherry jam. Yes, we agree, this jam has quite the name, but it’s slightly sweet taste gives it a delicious reputation.

Chokecherries, also known as bitter-berries, are native to North America. The 16 foot tall trees grow in the wild making the cherries rare to find. The color of the fruit range from bright red to black with a somewhat sour or bitter taste. The very ripe cherries are dark and sweeter than when they’re unripe.

Surprisingly, the chokecherry is most closely related to the black berry, though the chokecherry tree is significantly smaller than black berry tree. The chokecherry can be used to make jams, jellies and syrups, but due to its naturally bitter taste it requires sugar to sweeten.

The Baer’s Pantry chokecherry jam that we carry in store is all natural with no preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring. With simple ingredients such as sugar, wild chokecherries, lemon juice, pectin and citric acid, the wild flavor of the berry is able to come through. Come sample it in store this weekend!




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