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Turn Up the Heat With Palombo Market Hot Sauces

At the Market we offer several hot sauce options to spice up your palette. While we’re fans of all the sauces for different reasons, we wanted to give a bit of insight into our most popular ones. Maybe you’ll consider giving them a try?

Caribbean Lime – This hot sauce has a good medium heat mixed with a sweet citrus flavor. It goes great on chicken or pork for a slightly spicy island flavor.

Sriracha Style – This is a chili-paste based hot sauce with excellent flavor. Not too hot, but pairs well with fish and stir fry.

Garlic Serrano – Our most popular hot sauce, this is a vinegar based hot sauce with good heat and a yummy garlic flavor. This goes great on anything!

Reaper Chile – This is the hottest sauce we sell. If we’re being honest, this sauce is painfully hot as it’s made from the hottest chile on earth, the Carolina Reaper. If you have someone in your life that loves things extremely hot, this is the sauce for them. It has a great smoky flavor and a lot of burn.

Stop in and see what other HOT options we have in store this weekend.


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